We might have a new family tradition on our hands, albeit one that is going to be pretty difficult to keep alive.  For the second straight month we’ve spent at least part of the second Friday of the month enjoying something HUGE!!!

Last month on the second Friday of the month you may remember that Nick and I took the boys to see the “Snowshoeing Bishop” statue in the UP…


Tonight we ended up seeing not one, but two giant sized things…



Yup, a 26 foot tall Smokey the Bear and a larger than life Bronko Nagurski.  Special thanks to TripAdvisor for helping us find them both!

It seems as if I have my work cut out for me on Friday, August 10th.  I have a full day of work and we’ve got plans for early Saturday morning, that’s not a ton of time to head out to see something huge and giant sized.  If anyone has ideas that are within an hour drive of La Crosse I’m all ears.

I still remember seeing huge things for the first time when I was a kid, kind of like the giant Musky in Hayward.  Hopefully the boys have fond memories of seeing these crazy giant oddities when they get older.  Today I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience some crazy and silly things like this with them.


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