Day 655 – Thankful for National Park #23, Voyageurs National Park

Today Becky and I reached National Park #23 for the two of us, Voyageurs in northern Minnesota.  I know, how crazy is it that one of the parks that is the closest to us is one that we hadn’t been too?  We were both a little nervous that it was going to be a little to similar to the areas we grew up, but we were both very wrong.  It is very different from some of our favorite parks, but it was beautiful and amazing in it’s own way.

Most of the park is accessible only by boat which makes it a little difficult.  Becky found an incredible guide for us who took the family out on a six plus hour ride through the majority of the park area we wanted to explore.  Bill grew up in the area (in the summers) and was a tremendous wealth of knowledge of the park.  He was very passionate about the area and this made for a wonderful trip.

The park was HUGE!!!  We put on over 60 miles while traveling on the lakes.  The views were amazing, the weather was perfect, and there were tons of various birds including loons.  It was quiet, scenic, and so pristine.  By the time we left we were all smiling big from the entire experience.

Thanks Voyageurs National Park – we had an awesome visit and are grateful for the experience!


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