Day 288 – Thankful for an Incredible and Unexpected Gift from Dad

Each day there’s a point in the day that I get a broad smile of satisfaction knowing that I’ve found it, the thing that I’m thankful for.  The topic of my blog.  It’s crossed my bow, I’ve recognized it, and in the back of my head I’m already starting to write the post.

Today I had found that moment, an event that touched my soul very profoundly.  Later in the day there was another great moment of revelation.  Sometime shortly after that there was another moment.  I started to panic a bit, which was I going to choose?  And that’s when it happened…

As I ended a call and went to set my iPhone down it vibrated and alerted me to a voicemail that had come through while I was on the phone.  While looking at the voicemail screen I smiled and an idea crossed my mind.  Feverishly searching my deleted voicemails I found what I was looking for…  Two voicemails from Dad.

Hearing his voicemail immediately brought happy tears to my cheeks.  I’ve tried typing what else to say and deleted it four times already, so let me put it this way…  Hearing that voice again was music for my soul.


If you’d like hear his voice again you’ll find the recording below.

Today was filled with many wonderful gifts, I’m thankful for so much today that my heart is full.  Thank you to all of you!!!


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