Day 289 – Thankful for Being Comfortable Being Me with My Teams

Over the past 30 hours or so I’ve had the opportunity to meet with each of my teams to discuss the successes of the first half of the year and decide what we want to improve for the second half of the year.  Now that they’re all wrapped up I’m still super proud of all of their accomplishments in the first six months of the year, they’ve busted their butts and seen excellent results.


When I was growing up I always envisioned business owners being these super uptight and very professional people.  The views I had f them never quite lined up with the way I saw myself and that led to self-consciousness about my own ability to fill those roles.

What I am so thankful for today is that I am completely comfortable being myself with my teams.  I don’t have to put on a front and be something that I’m not.  I can be relaxed, funny, driven, focused, inappropriate, frustrated, opinionated, loving, compassionate, big hearted, happy, sad, independent, ornery, micromanaging, under managing, professional, unprofessional, and pretty much everything in between.  Just like family they take me for who I am.  I give them a hard time, they give me a hard time, but at the end of the day we’re one team and have great respect for each other.

I can’t begin to say how liberating it is to just be me with them, it is something I’m incredibly grateful for.  Thank you to each and everyone of my teammates for taking me as I am and helping to coach me in those many moments when I need it!



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