This week has been a blur – and we only have one kid this week!!!  With Dominic at Boy Scout Camp I figured it would be a little more quiet than normal.  Drop Dominic off on Sunday and we can go on cruise control for a several nights.  Then I remembered that we had a few more things going on this week than I first thought.

Tonight was the culmination of five nights of non-stop chaos…  Rush home from work to pick up a new pair of shoes (thanks again for eating my tan dress shoes Skywalker!), hit the grocery store, pack for camping with Becky’s family this weekend, pack for a week of training in OKC, and all the normal stuff.  It’s been exhausting.  My Absolut Mandarin & Lime Sparkling Water have been just the nightcap I was hoping for to help me wrap up for the night.

As I started thinking about what to blog about there were many thoughts popping through my head, some about my dad, some about work, running alone, the drop in temperature, the boys, and pretty much everything in between.  With this page opened up and my fingers resting on the A, S, D, F, J, K, L, and ; keys something funny happened…  Becky and I started laughing and she made a comment about something that I had seen on Facebook a while back posted by a friend…  Redneck dudoir photography.  Laughing like a couple of middle schoolers we jumped on “the Google” and pulled up a search that had us both giggling non-stop.  At that moment it hit me what I was thankful for today.


From the start of the day to the end of the day there has been one constant besides the crazy chaos.  Becky and I have been laughing the entire time.  Adulting?  We don’t fear it.  We’ll laugh our asses off and keep each other smiling.  That’s just what we do.  It’s wild, when one of us is down the other flips their mood and vice versa.

Whether it was redneck dudoir photography (seriously hysterical and possibly Becky’s birthday present!  LOL!!!), joking about something one of us said, bringing up movie quotes, pointing out just how crazy life is, or damn near anything we kept each other laughing.  I’m exhausted, worn out, and ready to just shut down for a week… but I’m smiling like a damn fool thanks to the joking back and forth with my partner in crime.


Thanks for keeping life fun Babe, love you!!!




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