Day 571 – Thankful for a Dad Time Capsule

This morning we went through a couple of storage bins of Dad’s old stuff and it was an amazing time.  Saved in those bins were some of his hunting stuff, piles of old pics, and even some of his old report cards and yearbooks!


Going through all of that brought back so many wonderful memories of time with Dad.  For instance, seeing a couple of safety harnesses reminded me of the time the two of us went to a hunting convention and had a great day together.  The old GPS and maps of his elk hunting spot in Colorado reminded me of the hunting trip I went with him on.  So many old pictures reminded me of other moments with him and of other stories he’d told me over the years.  It was an amazing time capsule of Dad.  Being able to share that time with my family made it all the better.

Over the next few weeks I’ve got quite the task in front of me, scanning many old pictures, newspaper clippings, and so on into an electronic format.  While that task may seem a little daunting I know I’ll be smiling the entire time.  How cool to be able to spend that much tie going through so many wonderful memories of my dad?


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