Let’s just say that one of our meals today was FANTASTIC and the other was a dumpster fire…  maybe more of a grease fire…

Which of these meals would you rather have had today?  Dominic’s homemade chicken noodle soup with bread pudding and peaches for dessert…  or…


my pathetic attempt at bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breasts on the grill?


Tough call, right?  Thank goodness I still had time to run to Festival, grab some burgers and save a little face.  Regardless, Dominic’s meal was awesome and way outshined my attempt.  Pretty cool knowing we have an in-house cook!

Throughout the afternoon the boys were working on a very cool project that was straight out of a list of things I always wanted to do when I was a kid but didn’t.  They took an old battery operated car that they were both way to big for, stripped it down, and started re-building it with some modifications.  By the end of the night they’d gotten the frame together and were able to go for a test run!  The next steps for this include putting the steering wheel back in, adding a bit of a floor, and possibly asking for some advice on what would happen if we went with a slightly (or much) larger battery…  Who knows, there may be a hand controlled accelerator…  So many options, so little time!

I’ve been thankful for each step in the process.  They took it apart slowly as to not damage anything.  As they pulled it apart they’ve been able to learn some mechanical basics that should help power future inventions for them.  We even had some time to work on being a team and taking a deep breath when something wasn’t going well.  All in all, it was a pretty sweet precursor to a dream on my list…  building a car with the boys.  This was an excellent first step.


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