Day 570 – Thankful for an Awesome Teammate Who Made an Incredible Impact

Today is Carolyn’s last day with Express as next week she starts a new chapter and adventure in her life.  She will be greatly missed by many including her teammates, clients and associates.  As that reality sinks in today I find myself pausing to be so thankful for the time she’s spent with us over the past 3 years.

Express Services 440-X3

When Carolyn started with us she was in a temporary role right after college.  She quickly showed us how talented she was and we moved her to our long term team.  After showing us even more of how she fits the values and culture we were building she was promoted to a sales role within our Eau Claire team.  Based on her performance and her quickly increasing leadership skills she was again promoted to manage our Menomonie team.

The office she took over was far from healthy yet she took on the challenge with a smile.  Working through all of the challenges and obstacles she built a core team who have continued to grow and flourish with her leadership and support.  That office has since become one of the strongest and consistently healthiest teams in our group.  Even now that team is poised to grow exponentially in many ways and continues to become stronger.

Did I mention that she did all that before 25?  So how did Carolyn do it?  She lives and embodies our values.

She is constantly learning and growing and lives the Growth Mindset.  Carolyn wasn’t afraid to try new things or to do things differently as she would learn from every experience.  If there was a training opportunity she was on it right away.

There were so many times in her career with Express in which Carolyn stretched way outside of her comfort zone to Grit something out knowing that it would lead to the long term successes and goals she had.  When others may have become afraid or nervous and quit Carolyn persevered and made awesome things happen.

Whenever a decision was made we could always count on Carolyn to Do Right.  This meant that she would take the time to make sure she was doing the right thing for our associates, clients, and team.  It’s not always easy to do the right thing, but she did, time after time after time.  She has an incredible moral compass.

So while of course I’m sad that our paths are splitting for now I can’t help but smile and beam with pride and gratitude for the time we’ve had together.  Because of Carolyn all of my teams are stronger.  Because of her help I’ve become a better leader.  Thanks to her leadership and coaching so many others have grown in their careers and are on a faster track thanks to her help, leadership, and inspiration.  We’ve got strong and sustainable relationships with more of our clients thanks to her.  As I look around our teams she’s had a positive impact on all of us, directly or indirectly.  How could I not be thankful for that?

Carolyn, thank you so much for sharing your time with us over the past handful of years.  Your impact will be felt throughout our teams for ages.  Thank you for pushing me to dream bigger and for the hugely powerful impact you’ve had no me!


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