Days like today are my favorite days.  When I sit down to blog my brain is so full of ideas that I kind of freeze up and can’t quite figure out what to write.  I have too many things that I am thankful for and I try to narrow it down to just one thing.  When this happens I usually try to think of which might be most impactful, which may be most important, or which one I haven’t written about in some way before.  Sometimes I weigh them all out and I’m left with more than one thing.  I pause, smile, and thank God for how blessed my life is!  Today, try as I might, there were three things I’m so thankful for that it was only right to talk about all three.

I’m also very thankful for Gavin’s always supportive art teacher!!!


Last night Becky took Gavin to his art show (you probably saw her post yesterday, but I’m so thankful for it that I’m bringing it up again!).  Gavin had a recent painting / drawing selected for this art show and then it was selected to be presented in the Wisconsin State Capitol in a few weeks!  When I talked with him about it last night he was so pumped up about the whole thing that I could hear his smile through the phone.

When we listened to Jim Collins yesterday he talked about trying to find “what we are encoded to do.”  In the case of Gavin I’m pretty positive it will involve his imagination.  His art skills themselves aren’t necessarily the best ever, but his imagination more than compensates.  Seriously, who thinks of kiwis with jetpacks fighting robots who are trying to attack the giant kiwi???  This kid’s imagination is wild and I can’t wait to see where it takes him in life.  I’ve blogged about it in a couple of ways in the past, but he seems to keep impressing me!  ( Day 129 – Thankful for Gavin’s Creativity –  and  –  Day 244 – Thankful for Gavin’s Ability to See the World Differently )

This morning we celebrated our Express Leadership Academy Class’ graduation.  As we had the opportunity to bond during breakfast I was reminded of why I so love this fantastic group of people.  I consider every single one of them a friend and would help them at the drop of hat or have a beer with them, just the way I know they would do for me.  Over the past two years we’ve bonded, grown together, and built strong positive relationships.  Today’s graduation was one of the times in my life when I’ve remembered to think past the finish line, to enjoy the journey as opposed to the destination.  When I started ELA my thought was to complete it, my thoughts now are on how to keep our relationships strong.  I’ll miss our monthly calls, but I look forward to our ongoing conversations and meetings in the future.


Last, but certainly not least, I had the incredible privilege of seeing Inky Johnson live.  If you haven’t heard his story do yourself a favor and check out his website here.  To say he was inspiring would be the understatement of the year.  Inky challenged us to have an incredible impact on others and to appreciate all that we have in life – the successes and challenges.  He reminded us that when God moves He moves through people, we should help Him by helping others.  Without getting into too much let’s just say that I know more than one person who was already inspired to do just that.  Inky left us all in awe and helped us remember to look at the world from the right perspective, and for that I’m incredibly grateful!

Today has been incredible!  Those three are just three of MANY moments that I am thankful for.  I had an excellent conversation with a mentor, heard a couple of inspiring stories from other professionals, spent time with my team, was inspired by someone else to write a couple of thank you cards, received a wonderful email that will help me finish up my book, and so many other moments.  So much inspiration, so much joy, and so much love.  Thank you to everyone who played a role in my day!


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