Today isn’t even close to over and it’s been AWESOME!!!

The morning started out with our Prayer Breakfast, the annual opening to our International Leadership Conference. This event is always one of my favorites and this year’s was great. Between three franchisees sharing their stories, a fantastic singing of Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art by Wintley Phipps, and an inspiring speaker (Bob Goff) it was a very uplifting start to the day. The message that it all kept coming back to was making ourselves available to others.

Throughout the day I had many opportunities to catch up with many of my Express friends and family and I was so fortunate to have so many wonderful connections with them. One of the meetings was particularly heartwarming as a friend shared the story of his connection with his mother after she passed away. We all shared many smiles and stories and it felt so awesome to spend time connecting with everyone again.

Number 17 on my dream list was to “Meet Jim Collins.” His business books have helped shape many ways in which I look at business and I admire how he blends stories with data to show what makes the most successful businesses better than the rest. My dream was to meet him and tell him thank you for the positive impact he’s had on me.

As luck would have it I ran into him in the hallway and was able to meet him today! There was no hiding my excitement as I met him, I was pretty much babbling like a true fanboy. It was embarrassing and I’d really like a do-over, but mission accomplished, Dream #17 is complete!

When he presented later in the afternoon I had a couple of fiends who took great care of me and both helped me to get seats front and center for his presentation. One helped me be the first person in the room and the other gave up a reserved spot so I could be literally front row and in the center. It was awesome!!!

Now we’re off to Universal Studios for a night of good food and some rides. How incredible of a kickoff to ILC is this?

Today’s been a nonstop ride of awesomeness and I’m thankful for every minute of it.


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