Day 512 – Thankful for Catching Up with My Express Leadership Academy Friends

Today was a pretty spectacular day overall.  There was an airboat ride, many alligators, seeing a heron spear a large bass, a lot of time with teammates, and a FaceTime session with Becky & Gavin (Dominic was in church)/

To wrap up the evening we had a meeting and reception for Express Leadership Academy.  The event was a great time to hear from both of our founders as well as learn about an upcoming ELA event.

IMG_4117 2.jpg

The highlight of the night for me was being able to spend time with several of my ELA buddies catching up on what they were up to.  In some cases they’d opened new offices, in others they set the pace for all of us in 2017.  Spending time with them over a cold beer was a great time and was motivating for me to keep pushing to grow more.

Just over two years ago we didn’t really know each other, but now we’ve become friends and it was awesome catching up with them.  To each and every one of my ELA friends I was able to talk with tonight – thank you for making it a great night!


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