Day 507 – Thankful for Our Set of Backpacks from Maggie DeSota for Our Wedding

While packing up our stuff for camping last night I couldn’t help but smile as Gavin brought up our backpacks. They’re a great pair of Jansport packs that always seem to have just enough room for everything and the perfect number of pockets to keep everything separated. Even after almost 16 years and much use all of the zippers still work great! The way it balances weight on my back always feels just about right. All that said, they’re not what I appreciate the most about them.

The thing about these bags that had me smiling as I packed were the memories I had of where these backpacks came from and who gave them to us.

When Becky and I were opening our wedding gifts almost 16 years ago we got to these two beauties! Inside were many, many small camping supplies that were all individually wrapped. From first aid to containers to supplies it was a camper’s dream! The packs themselves were amazing, the additional treasures were the icing on the cake! At the time we didn’t have enough cash to get all of these things, it was so awesome to get all of this – especially with our upcoming honeymoon to Glacier National Park!

Even better than the gift was the person that it came from, my second mom, Maggie DeSota. Every single time one of these backpacks are used I can see Maggie’s smiling face in my mind and it puts a huge grin on my face and warmth in my heart. She helped to create many incredible memories for my friends and I in our teens and I’m so thankful for all that she’s done for all of us over the years. These backpacks aren’t the same as spending time with her, but they’re about the next best thing and always bring me great joy.

As we packed our bags last night I just smiled and thought back to so many happy memories with Maggie and her kindness… just as I have every time either the boys, Becky, or I use those packs. They’ve been on countless family, camping and scouting adventures, and I’m thankful for them and the memories they bring from each and every use.


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