Day 506 – Thankful for A Little Time with Each of My Boys After Vacation

Becky and I got home from our trip today and it feels great to be back.  What made it the most special was the extra time I got with each of the boys individually tonight.

I picked up Gavin from Student Council and had fun talking with him on the ride home.  Becky took him to swimming lessons and then it was time for Dominic and I to have some alone time.

With the house to ourselves we busted out a couple of games and gave each other a hard time while catching up on what was new with him at school.  After the games he helped me make supper and it was fun showing him a couple of new tricks in the kitchen.  Just like when we played games we had fun giving each other a hard time and talking.

Once Becky and Gavin got home and supper was ready we ate as a family and enjoyed some time with all four of us.  It felt awesome to feel like normal for the first time in over a week.


After supper Gavin and I started packing for Cub Scout Winter Camp this weekend.  It gave him and I some time together walking through what to bring, how to pack, and how to do things like attach a sleeping bag to backpacks.  At times we drove each other a little nuts but we had fun!


While Gavin and I packed Becky and Dominic had some time to themselves and fired up some cribbage.  The two of them had a couple of games and sounded like they had a lot of fun.

All of us were together briefly as we started watching a little bit of the Olympics.  Then Becky and Gavin headed off to bed and now it’s just Dominic and I sitting on the couches watching the Men’s Super G ski race.  Nothing crazy, just some great chill time together.

I love vacations and traveling, but today I’m so thankful for the bits and pieces of time I got with each of my boys, it felt like home and I’m happy to be back!


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