While Becky and Dominic had a relaxing day at home together Gavin and I were out at Camp Decorah for Polar Day Camp… and it’s been AWESOME!

This is an annual event that the boys and I have been attending for about 6 or 7 years. It is a combination of the district’s one day event and our pack’s winter camping experience. The camping isn’t necessarily hardcore camping, we stay in a big cabin instead of a tent, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Today’s event has included many fun events including sledding, broomball, ice and human bowling, shooting BB guns, hiking, and some games of Gaga ball. After spending the day outside and the “Winter Olympics” were over we headed back to our cabin so our scouts could finish up their Cast Iron Chef award. This meant that the boys had to make an entire meal for the rest of us. The meal included eggs, bacon, potatoes, & cheese in a Dutch oven as well as chocolate chip monkey bread in another Dutch oven. As I type this the smells of the Dutch ovens cooking smell great! After dinner we’ll goof around, have fun and eventually fall asleep (and sleep like champs!). All in all, it’s been a very active day with lots of fresh air time. Lots of fun!

One of the parts I enjoy the most about days like this is being able to be a big kid and play with the boys. Today I jumped in during broomball, shooting BB guns, and Gaga ball, and it was AWESOME! Throw in some wrestling and whatnot and it’s been a blast. It brings back memories of great times when I was a scout while showing the boys that you’re never too old to have fun.

All that said, I’m most thankful for the time with Gavin. Sure, he’s running around with his friends most of the time, but the moments that the two of us get together have been exactly what I wanted. In broomball we had fun getting into a little tussle as we were on opposite teams. While shooting BB guns we worked together to help him shoot better. After Gaga ball I was able to walk with him for a while and thank him for playing fairly and honestly. Every so often I check in with him to make sure he’s having fun and every time he’s got a huge smile on his face when he says yes. That makes it all worth it!

I love that my boys are both very excited about scouting and I’m so thankful to be able to spend time with them at events like this. Their fun and smiles warm my heart as a dad while making me smile as a past scout. Life is pretty awesome!


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