Day 509 – Thankful for a Great Family Movie, Wonder

As we all snuggled in for a family movie night to wrap up a busy weekend we fired up Wonder and it got me right in the feels.  At various times almost everyone in the house teared up, some more than others.


The thing I really liked the most was how the movie didn’t do just the normal “here’s life from the perspective of the main character” rather it looked at the world through the eyes of many of the people involved.  Telling the entire story like this really helped me see the world briefly through each person’s eyes.  In some cases I caught myself feeling like I wasn’t the only one who felt a certain way, while in other cases I realized things I need to work on and remember.  So often I don’t take the time I should to pause and consider what the world looks like from someone else’s perspective, but this movie put that front and center.

It was made all the more special by watching it with my family.  To be able to have time together seeing the same story was great and I’m sure there will be several times this movie gets referenced…  Auggie: “Why are we whispering?”  Dad: “Because I’m afraid of Mom!”  😉  I’m thankful to have watched this movie together, it was a pretty awesome way to wrap up a crazy busy weekend.


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