Day 496 – Thankful for Awesome & Easy Recipes from My Aunt Andrea’s Facebook Page

There’ve been many times when I’ve seen something delicious on Aunt Andrea’s Facebook feed.  Normally I drool for a few minutes and then move on.  These past few days I’ve actually taken action on them and I’ve made two of them.

For the Super Bowl I made Baked Antipasto Sandwiches and for a side for supper tonight I made pepperoni chips.  Both recipes were super easy and tasted delicious!  Nope, neither of them were even remotely nutritious, but they were amazing nonetheless.  As Gavin put the chips tonight, “they’re the greatest snack ever made by the greatest dad ever!”  Pretty sure he was just sucking up to get them again in the future!


While I only spend a couple of minutes each day on Facebook I’m glad Aunt Andrea’s awesome recipes are right on top.  Whenever I’m in the mood to try something a little different (and especially when it’s just the boys and I) I know where I’ll look for inspiration.  Thanks again for the delicious posts Aunt Andrea!!!

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