Day 495 – Thankful for Enjoying the Super Bowl with My Family

Yeah, the Packers aren’t in it so it’s not nearly as stressful to watch this year, but we’re still enjoying some family time together. While I may have tuned out for a little bit to get some work done for tomorrow, Becky bowed out to practice a presentation, and Gavin stepped out to finish his book for Battle of the Books, but we’ve had a great time watching the game and the commercials. We had a delicious Super Bowl supper (baked antipasto sandwiches using crescent rolls for the crust) and are just chilling and talking during the game. Throw in joking about the commercials and it’s been pretty awesome!

While we could pretty much care less about who wins we’re having a good time spending time together as a family and loving it. It’s been a great excuse to all curl up on the couch and chill together.


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