Day 494 – Thankful for Working On Puzzle Boxes and Making Scouting Progress

Last April I was making some pretty awesome progress in making puzzle boxes.  Crafting puzzle boxes was relaxing and very gratifying at the same time.  Spending time in my workshop is always great, but time spent on something relatively small that will be a gift just makes that workshop time even better.

Nope, I didn’t get nearly this far today…  These were from back in April.

Over the past few months I’ve spent most of my free workshop time on insulating it.  My intent was to get that done first and then jump back into making boxes.  After yesterday it just felt right to start making them again.  Dad had always wanted to know how I made them and after as close to him as I felt yesterday I got the urge and gave in.

No major progress was made, but just the act of making the blanks felt great.  When I went to cut the first one I just laughed at how rusty I was.  I totally screwed up the first cut and all I could do was chuckle.  Time to get back into the swing of it!

While that was going on Dominic was at a Boy Scout merit badge day and was able to work on earning two merit badges.  Gavin spent much of the afternoon working on his Game Design activity pin for Weblos.  I got out den meetings mapped out for the rest of the school year and have it worked out so the boys will have the opportunity to earn their Weblos badge.  Lots of time and work spent on scouting, and it was pretty awesome.  Both of the boys had a great sense of accomplishment after their hard work, I was proud of both of them for focusing on reaching the goals they set for themselves.

This was a great day spent mainly at home and it was awesome.  Working on the puzzle boxes and making progress on scouts made it all the better.



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