Day 497 – Thankful for Packing for Winter Camp and Gavin’s Insight

Dominic is getting ready for winter camp with his cousin Nathan’s troop this weekend (my old beloved Troop 540!). As he’s been going through his packing list it’s bringing back some awesome memories for me. Using double sleeping bags, packing clothes in plastic bags, and double checking his list has kept me smiling all night. This will be the first truly cold weather outdoor camping he’s done and it will be awesome hearing what he thought of it. Many years later I still remember waking up to see frost and icicles inside my tent for the first time out at Camp Lugerville… it was AWESOME!!! He’s so pumped up to head out, he’s in for an amazing adventure and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

While Gavin and I were heading home we were talking about one of the highlights of his day, playing with the other kids on the snow pile during recess. As we talked about it he told me how much he loved playing it even though sometimes you fall and hurt yourself. Sometimes it was an ankle, other times a bump on the head. “Dad, it might hurt sometimes but it’s well worth the fun. Sometimes having fun hurts, but it’s worth it. I’d rather have a life with a little hurt and a lot of fun than a life of no hurt and no fun.” Amen little buddy, you nailed it! Keep that awesome nugget of insight, it will do you well in life.

This picture has nothing to do with the two things I blogged about, but they were having so much logrolling while I was typing that it only seemed appropriate!

Many great things to be thankful for today, thanks boys for making my day even more awesome! Love you boys!


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