Day 473 – Thankful for Reading Becky’s Most Recent Published Paper

A couple of days ago Becky sent me the published copy of her most recently published paper (the next one is getting closer to completion 😁). Not gonna lie, there are occasionally times when I’m a little nervous to read what she’s written. She’s crazy smart and an expert at what she does, I worry about whether or not I’ll be able to understand it and get the gist of what she’s talking about. Today I took a deep breath and started reading.

uess what… it was awesome! Sure, it's very technical, but it was written in a way that I could get it. As I read it I interrupted her regularly with questions. I wanted to make sure I was tracking with her thinking and not jumping to the wrong connections. How cool is it to have the author of something you're reading sitting next to you?

While reading it there were several things that I'm thankful for. The day is only partially over, but based on the sheer volume of all the ways I'm thankful for it only seems appropriate to write now and capture them all.

First off, I am thankful for all the ways I can apply the ideas from her paper to life and work. She covers resilience, strategic planning and execution, all things with use outside of aquatic biology.

The next thing that struck me was how motivated I was to fire up my computer and start working on my book again. Seeing the great work with the written word inspired me to do the same. Sure, the style and content are very different, but conceptually writing is writing, right?

As Becky's been working on her PhD she's been keeping me updated on what she's been working on. I'm more of a visual person and sometimes I need to see things to understand them better. I've understood parts of what she was saying, but it wasn't until I read the paper that I really "got it." Now when she fills me in I have a much better understanding and I'll be able to put it into context. This will mean better conversations and more fun when we discuss her work.

Last, I'm always proud of her and know that she's awesome, but this helped me see her in a slightly different way. Holy crap, she's pretty damn smart and is finding ways to help the environment in some cool and innovative ways. I'm used to her being more detailed, but in this paper I was able to see her big picture thought process and it was AWESOME! She's finding ways to pull several seemingly separate things into one common focus. Throw in how she balances that with the detail to back up her thinking and I'm nothing short of impressed and so incredibly proud of her.

Becky's a pretty big deal. I already knew that, but it turns out she's even a bigger deal than I'd thought. Reading her paper was a pretty awesome way to get to know the person I know better than anyone else I know a little better.

Love you Becky!!!



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