Day 472 – Thankful for Sneaking In a Couple of Games of Boss Monster with the Boys

Quite often it’s easy to get caught in the rush of daily life and all of its demands. If I don’t pay attention the time flies by in a flurry of activity. Sometimes it’s so task driven that I forget to take time to enjoy some of the most important things in my life, like time with my family.

Last year and a couple of days ago I was thankful for “Stopping to Remember Why I’m Blogging.” Gavin wanted to play a game but I was too busy blogging and said no. After pausing at how foolish I was being I relented. We played some epic games of King Kong and enjoyed every moment of it.

While getting a lot done and checking things off my task list today my brain wandered back to that blog post. I paused, smiled, and then was present where I was supposed to be.

The boys and I busted out a couple of games of Boss Monster and had a BLAST!!! It was such a great time joking, playing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. That time with them reminded me of why I work as hard as I do, why I push myself like I do, and why I value what I do. Playing with them was about as rewarding of a feeling as I could’ve had today, and I’m so appreciative of moments like this.



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