Day 105 – Thankful for Stopping to Remember Why I’m Blogging

LOL – sometimes life just doesn’t go to script, does it?  I was in the middle of typing up my blog today, a post about a book that I just finished today that I greatly enjoyed, when a little red headed ball of energy came out of nowhere and started asking to play a card game with me.  My first response was no, I was too busy typing my blog.  When asked again my response was still no.  Shortly after saying no I paused from my typing and just thought for a moment.

That’s when it hit me.  Why do I continue to do this blog after 470 days?  To bring me happiness, to keep me thankful for the gifts I have, to keep me grounded in wanting what I have versus having what I want.  The most precious thing I have in life is time, and I decided to really appreciate it.

Slapping my laptop closed I jumped into an epic game of King Kong with Gavin.  Dominic heard the commotion, saw how much fun we were having and then he joined in.  Next thing we knew we were have crazed games of King Kong between the three of us, all acting stupid and laughing hysterically while we traded out cards, literally ripped them out of each other’s hands, and all bent the rules…  It was AWESOME!!!


At one point I had to pause and get pictures of the two yahoo’s before we fired up another game.  It was a pretty awesome way to end a great day.

I continue to be amazed at how many ways this blog has brought a little extra joy to my life, I’m thankful I stopped to remember why I did it tonight.



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