Day 104 – Thankful for Attaining Flow at Work

It was kind of crazy, but last night I was realizing how thankful I was to have a full 5 day work week.  I know, it’s borderline insane, but I really love what I do and I’m happy to have more time to do it this week.

Today I was whittling down my task list and before I knew it almost the entire day flew by.  In the blink of an eye it was here and gone.  In retrospect I’m pretty sure I was smiling pretty much the whole time!

All of the favorite things of my job were involved.  Working with my managers on sales plans.  Developing team members.  Prepping a client proposal.  Finishing a couple of training proposals.  Interacting with my team.  Strategizing sales plans.  Sharing my vision of our future.  I was engaged from start to finish and it felt awesome!

Don’t mistake my long term plans, I’m super pumped about retiring at some point to a life of traveling, inventing, creating and annoying Becky.  In the meantime, days like today remind me of how thankful I am to have a career that I love, a career in which I can get lost in a state of flow and the days fly by.




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