Day 474 – Thankful for a College Sunday Afternoon

Today’s been a lot of fun for many reasons, but one that sticks out is something that Katie mentioned that helped me connect how I was feeling today.  “It feels like a college Sunday.”  As soon as she said it my mind immediately connected today to so many great Sundays back in the dorms…

The morning started with sleeping in and then waking up to no agenda.  Becky and I chilled out and read after getting moving.  No business books or biographies here, I dove right into the new Dan Brown book, Origins.  After awhile we meandered to the dining room and ate a delicious breakfast.  Back out came the books and more chillaxin’.  Eventually we decided to go for a hike, had a great time and then went exploring.  Sometime after 3pm we had lunch, no agenda pushing us to eat at a specific time.  Everyone else got back and we fired up the football game and started pouring some drinks.  Now we’re just shooting the bull and having a great time.


It really feels like a typical college Sunday afternoon.  No stress, no worries, no responsibilities, and no agenda.  Just chilling with friends and having a great time with friends…  and it feels AWESOME!!!



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