Day 459 – Thankful for Making Progress on My Book

Today has been a very productive one!  As we get closer to our next vacation I’m working on getting at least half way through my book so I can shave my beard (in case you missed it you can find the reason for my beard here) so I can snorkel without having a leaky face mask!

Earlier this morning we went as a family to Caribou for coffee and to chill.  Becky read a paper for her PhD program, the boys were reading books, and I was typing away on my book.  Later in the day the boys were playing and then reading, Becky ran a couple of errands, and I was typing away on my book.

At this point I’m about one half of a chapter from being halfway done, my progress tripwire to shave this thing off my face, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be past halfway by this time tomorrow.  The progress itself feels great, but there’s been so much more that I’m thankful for with writing it.

As I go through each day it brings back memories, happy and sad, about my dad as well as many other loved ones.  Typing it is helping me wrap my brain around losing Dad and it’s helping me learn and grow.  Obviously I miss him, but as I type I can’t help but smile and feel joy in the memories I have with him.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.54.57 PM.pngIt’s also been rewarding as I think of everyone who’s helped me on this stretch of my life.  Today in particular one of the chapters I worked on was focused on my little brother, Nick.  As I typed I was smiling and looking back to so many of the memories we have and the fun we’ve had over the past 6 months or so.  It was awesome!

Today progress was made, tomorrow more will be made.  It feels great to be working towards this purpose and I can’t wait to shave this scratchy thing off my face 🙂


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