The boys were home alone while Becky and I were at work this week. On Thursday morning Becky called me before I left home and asked me if I’d make the list of things for the boys to do while they were home.  She’d been making the list for the past few days and Thursday was my day to tag in.

It was so much fun!!!  I kept brainstorming all of the crazy stuff that they like to do but might not think of and wrote down some fun things for them to do…  in addition to the chores that they needed to get done.


Part way through the day I called them to see how the day was going.  They were having a lot of fun and checking things off as they went.  When I got home they showed me all of the cool stuff they’d made.

Seeing how much fun it was I started their list for today last night as I had a couple of new ideas for them.  Throughout the night and this morning I continued to add new ones to their list.


When I called them part way through the day to make sure they were good Gavin went on and on about how much fun they had with their new rules in Boss Monster.  As soon as I got home they showed me how cool their new boxes were decorated and their 38 1/2 inch tall Lego structure (I’ll have to have them go for 60″ next time!).


It was pretty cool hearing how much fun they’d had during the day while they were working and playing at home alone.  I remembered back to when my mom used to make lists for my brother and I.  We had fun going through them and it was great to have a little nudge to be productive and not just veg out in front of the TV all day.  Helping the boys have fun made me smile huge!


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