Day 457 – Thankful for An Incredibly Well Thought Out Christmas Present from My Teams

Today has been pretty damn awesome.  So many positives that it’s tough to even figure out where to start.  Being told by a teammate that I “blew her mind” with some training, helping someone stranded on the side of the road, going to yoga for the second time in three days, looking back on some wonderful memories from last year, and having an excellent conversation with another teammate all are things I was thankful for today.

When I got to the Eau Claire office today I was greeted with a surprise Christmas present from all of my teams – it was AWESOME!!!


The team all know that I am planning on taking a trip to Iceland one day and I’ve set a goal for myself of learning to speak conversational Icelandic before the end of 2018.  With that in mind they all chipped in to get me an audio learning program to learn to speak that crazy language!  Not only that, but they also got me a tshirt with the longest word in Icelandic written around the flag (Vaðlaheiðarvegavinnuverkfærageymsluskúraútidyralyklakippuhringur – which surely everyone knows means “A keychain ring for the outdoor key of road workers shed in a moor called Vaðlaheiði”).  How awesome is that???

The Poo-Pouri still has me laughing out loud and I can’t wait to crack a cold one from the gnarly Leinie’s beer caddy using the Leinie’s wooden bottle opener.  On my way home I already started my first Icelandic lesson and learned how to say “talar þú ensku” – which means “do you speak English?”  It was one of the best rides home ever!

Today I’m so thankful for this gift from my teams, I can’t thank them enough for the thought they put into this!  Thank you everyone, I greatly appreciate it!!!


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