Day 456 – Thankful for My Son’s Enjoying the Same Dorky Strategy Games I Enjoy

While Becky was getting her haircut tonight the boys and I busted out a game they’d gotten a while back that we haven’t played in quite a while – Boss Monster. After a quick YouTube video primer on how to play we were off to the races… or should I say “dungeons!”

After dozens and dozens of heroes met their demise in our dungeons we were all smiling, laughing, and having a blast!

I’ve loved playing games ever since I was a kid, and strategy based games have always been my favorite. Knowing that the boys love playing the same types of games makes me smile huge… and gives me competitors to play with! We play with the intent of having fun, but we usually don’t hold back any punches. It’s fun watching how they each develop their own strategy and then see how they’re able snatch victory out of my hands just when I think I have it all wrapped up.

Win or lose, we always end up having a great time because we’re playing games and having fun together. Tonight was one of those moments when I was very thankful for my gaming buddies, I’m glad they enjoy the same types of games that love playing.


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