As the last hours of 2017 are upon us all I can do is smile in wonder, gratitude, and joy in what an epic year it has been.  Yes, there was quite possibly one of the lowest lows I’ll ever experience in my life (losing Dad), but when I look at all the year brought, it’s been truly amazing.

This year included the following:

  • A trip for Becky and I to San Francisco
  • Making puzzle boxes
  • A couple of 40th birthday parties with friends
  • Our 15th wedding anniversary and a trip up north for a long weekend
  • Dad’s passing
  • A family trip to Washington state and Canada
  • Time on our boat
  • A solar eclipse
  • A family getaway in Eagle River with Nick, Mom, and their families
  • A trip to the aquarium in the Mall of America
  • A trip to Colorado so the boys could climb a mountain
  • Several scouting events
  • Many family gatherings and get togethers
  • A family trip to New Zealand
  • and so many other incredible memories!!!

It was wild last night, we started going through all of our pictures from 2017 and we didn’t even make it halfway through the year before bedtime!  There were so many memories, laughs, and smiles that we kept pausing and enjoying the time together.  It was pretty amazing.

2017, dude…  Thank you for blessing my family and I with so many positive moments and memories to help balance out losing Dad.  I can’t imagine if we would have lost him without having so many other moments to bring us joy as a family.  I’m so grateful for this epic year.



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