Day 461 – Thankful for a New Kreiling Family Tradition

For many years Becky and I have tossed around the idea of going through all of our pictures from the past year on New Year’s Eve.  The thought was that is would be a pretty fantastic way to remember all of the fun we’ve had in the past year.  Every time we’d thought about it we got busy and found ourselves not having enough time to go through them as a family.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 8.08.02 PM

This year we decided it was the right year to start a new Kreiling family tradition so we started going through all of our pictures on January 30 and wrapped up the second half of 2017 tonight.  If the number of pictures taken in a year is any indicator of how awesome a year was I’m thinking my post from yesterday was spot on!  There were over 3,000 pictures taken this year and we went through each and every one.  Don’t get me wrong, I often took 3-6 to get one that turned out right, but even still that’s a lot of great moments caught on film.

What I appreciated the most about going through it was the giggling as we saw all pictures, good and bad.  There were some that we didn’t mean to be humorous that were and others that were meant to be funny that were a riot!  We were constantly laughing and giving each other a hard time.

Another part of the two night event that I am grateful for was the repeating and sharing of stories.  Many pictures elicited a response of “do you remember…”  It was great!  By going back through those pictures we had our memories fired back up and talked about them again.

The part that I am most thankful for about this new family tradition is spending time together as a family.  All four of us were together to go through the pictures.  When someone left the room we paused.  When someone fell asleep we gave them a hard time and woke them up before proceeding.  It was great!  Wonderful bonding time together remembering the events from the past year that have slowly but surely shaped us into who we are.  How awesome is that???

Next year we’ll just plan on it being a two night event and find new ways to make it more exciting.  Maybe there will be more pictures, but maybe there will be less.  Regardless, I am already looking forward to it because it will be a fantastic time together as a family remembering our adventures!



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