Day 462 – Thankful for Becky’s Cool & Calm Under Pressure

Today was one of those days that started out well, got interesting, went well again, got interesting again, and went well again.  At the end of it all it was pretty easy to see an ongoing theme and that’s why today’s blog seems appropriate.

This morning life was going well, there was a scheduling issue at work that we were able to work through, but everything else was moving along well.  Even Gavin was ahead of the game and ready for school over 30 minutes before he needed to be.   And then Becky went to start the car…  and the battery was dead.

There’s always a choice to be made, get angry and upset or be cool calm and collected.  In the case of Becky today, she set the stage for all of us to follow today.

Instead of being angry or frustrated she came in with a smile on her face and filled me in on the battery situation.  She threw a couple of options out there and gave me a minute to take a deep breath so I could stay calm too.   We went with the plan that made the most sense (me take the car with the dead battery and get it replaced), and that was that.

On my way to work I was still early and I took advantage of being early and in the right place at the right time.  Even though it was -9 before windchill I drove up to the top of Garvin Heights, ran out of my car to the overlook, and took this picture of the beautiful moonset / sunrise…


Almost all of the work day went very well and I was able to have a very productive day…  until…

Becky called to let me know that she had a flat tire on the offramp on I90.  She was totally cool & calm, kind of laughing it off.  I again took a deep breath, followed her lead, and decided to leave a little early to head down to change the tire for her.  A couple of minutes later she called and said based on how cold it was and the convenient location of Tires Plus to where she was located she decided to call a tow truck.  Once I got there and felt the windchill I knew she’d made the right call, it was way too cold to attempt that with the lame little jack in the car.

We had the car towed to Tires Plus and started to make plans for tomorrow thinking we’d only have one vehicle.  As luck would have it they not only had two of the correct tires, they also had time to put them on tonight for us!  Disaster averted and all was good again.

As the night is wrapping up I’m smiling at how much we’ve accomplished tonight, looking at my old Boy Scout merit badge sash and planning a long weekend of camping this summer.  We’ve been joking around about the events today and taking a deep breath, staying calm and realizing how much worse any of these scenarios could have been today.

The reason we’re all chill and having a great night is because Becky totally set the tone.  She didn’t get upset, angry, or frustrated, she stayed cool and calm…  and helped me get there too.



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