Day 463 – Thankful for the Song Stuck in My Head and Minding the Gap

Today I was helping out one of our newest offices and I had a fantastic time working with them.  There’s something about the energy of people taking on a new task that gets me so amped up, I really appreciate it.

It meant an early morning long car ride and a later evening car ride home, so I’ve had a lot of car time to think and listen to the book Triggers by Marshall Goldsmith.  The book is focused on how to create behaviors that last to help us be more like the person we want to be.  As I listened my brain kept going back to one of Father Mark’s favorite quotes, “Let us take a moment to mind the gap between who we are and who we are called to be.”

That quote has lasted with me for over 15 years, and it’s a part of the core of my value of having a growth mindset.  As Father Mark said it he never intended it to be something that made us feel bad or guilty.  Rather, it was bringing awareness to where we could each be better.

As I listened to Triggers this concept kept sneaking back up, over and over…  Who do I really want to be?  How do I really want to live?  How well do I live my values daily?  What am I actively doing to live my dreams?  Did I do my best today to be the best possible version of me that I could be?  As I thought through these and many other questions it helped me remember to mind the gap…  and find ways to close it.

There were several times in which I paused the audiobook and spent some time thinking, considering the answers.  The interesting thing is that I am not beating myself up over the answers, but rather considering how important each of them are to me and thinking of ways to improve those answers for tomorrow.  I am pretty sure that I’ll never answer everything perfectly, but I’m okay with that so long as I am doing my best to close the gap.

After a while I had a song that got stuck in my head and it really fit the mood.  If you just read the lyrics below you might not quite be sure what to think about it.  It almost seems sad and somber.  In reality, it’s a very hopeful song.  It’s not focused on not being as good as he could be but rather showing the constant reach for growth and improvement.

When I hear it I think about how I want to be better than I am for my family, my friends, everyone, and especially for myself.  Not in a disappointing or hopeless way, but in the way of knowing that I need to keep working at it, that it’s a never ending journey to work to be better, and to enjoy the entire journey – the successes and the failures.  Each step slowly but surely leading me to be a better me.

Between the book and the song I’ve been thinking about the gap a lot tonight.  I’ve got a long ways to go, but I also know I’ve made a lot of progress.  Something about both halves of that last statement makes me smile and brings me joy…  and I’m very thankful for that today.



Better Man – Judah & the Lion

Oh that I would go through storms
Know my soul is better for it
Oh my heart to face the pain
My mind, it’d move past yesterday

No, I just want to be a better man
No, I just want to be a better man
As I go

All my life that I would grow
Like a flower that comes up from a seed that’s sown
The spirit now to rise within
Reign over my carnal skin

No, I just want to be a better man
No, I just want to be a better man
As I go

And oh I just want to be a better man
And oh I just want to be a better man, yeah
And oh I just want to be a better man
And oh I just want to be a better man
As I go

Oh my hands to serve and love
My eyes to see and not to judge
My spirit now to rise within
And reign over my carnal skin


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