Day 464 – Thankful for Crunch Time

With the holidays just behind in the rearview mirror and a vacation on the horizon my life at work has gotten extremely busy in a short period of time.  Starting new strategies requiring extra thought and focus, following up on the previous year’s commitments, catching the occasional surprise out of left field, and taking on projects to help teammates grow while helping our clients on short notice all really hit me right between the eyes today.  As the day unfurled I had to pause at one point to take a deep breath, focus, make sure that each task was necessary, and then figure out a strategy to make it all happen.

And you know what?  I frickin’ loved every minute of it!  It’s crunch time and I love the rush of endorphins that come with getting stuff done in a tight deadline.

Sure, there’s sometimes when I’d like it to all slow down for a day or two to get caught up, to plan ahead, and to prepare.  That said, I love me a good sprint as well as a tough puzzle.  In this case the sprint is for a limited time with clearly defined goals and a very clear finish line.

Trying to make it all fit is a part of the fun as long as I remember to look at it that way.  Not only are there work deadlines, but I also still plan on spending time with Becky and my boys, working on my book, and a handful of other things that bring me great joy (like writing this blog).


Part of the reason that I’m able to lock in and let ‘er rip in a time like this is a theory that I learned from a wonderful book – Scarcity.  In the book the authors dive into great detail about how a long term situation of scarcity can be very detrimental, but in short doses it can help us do incredible things.  When I consider times like this I wonder why I am enjoying myself way more than I should be.  I have more on my plate than usual and with less time to get it all done, but I smile and get more done than normal.  It’s like time slows down, I prioritize what needs to get done, and then I focus on one task at a time, then the next, and then the next.  There’s a rhythm and a flow that I get into that just feel so awesome.  All the while I’m also keeping in mind that there’s a finish line that I am going to run through, crash, take a deep breath, get up, and sprint again.

So here I am, in crunch time…  and appreciating every minute of it!




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