Day 434 – Thankful for a Well Rested Home

After being on the opposite side of the planet our sleep patterns have been a little out of whack.  In addition to the time change we went from over 14 and a half hours of daylight to 9 hours in one day.  Even with a couple of good nights of sleep the boys and I could all feel the lingering effects.

Last night we had a very chill night and ended up having everyone in bed (myself included) before 8:00.  Dominic was a sleep long before then, he was snoring away as Gavin watched Harry Potter and I typed my blog.  While Gavin and I both would have rather stayed up neither of us really put up much of a fight.


When I woke up this morning I felt GREAT!!!  10 hours of sleep was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I went in to wake up Gavin and he shot right out of bed and was smiling big as he bounced into the kitchen to make himself breakfast.  Dominic, who can be pretty rough some mornings, came out of his basement lair and was smiling and talkative.  We had an awesomely happy morning, no issues, no frustrations, no complaints, nothing forgotten, everything went perfectly smooth and we were all out the door with time to spare.  It was AWESOME!

At first I was going to be thankful for this perfect start to the day, but I realized that it’s really because of the sleep we’d gotten that everyone was in a great mood.  Maybe I need to think about forcing myself to bed a little earlier and getting a few more zzz’s every night.  When I think about what my end of the night is spent on it’s not always very productive, and to trade unproductive time for a happy start to the next day seems like a hell of a deal!  I’m thankful for the entire house being well rested, it made for a wonderful morning.




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