Day 435 – Thankful for Spending Time with Becky Traveling Home From Vacation

Becky and I are used to spending time apart, whether for work and whatnot. It’s not an all the time think, but it seems like it’s the case every couple of months or so. No big deal, time apart is fine (& healthy!). I miss her when we’re apart, but nothing crazy.

All that said, I’ve missed her a lot more than usual over the past couple of days. It’s been bugging me, what’s different this time that’s causing me to miss her more. The boys’ schedule isn’t as crazy as it’s been in past times she’s been gone or anything like that. Then it hit me – we missed out on one part of our vacation that I’ve always loved, but have taken for granted… the trip home. When vacation was concluding she was hopping a jet early in the morning to head to Australia while the boys and I were taking our time and heading home.

This meant I had some pretty cool vacation closure time with the boys. We talked about our favorites events, days, meals and memories on the way home. Looking ahead to the upcoming week we talked about what the plan was. There was a lot of conversation about past vacations and how much fun they’d been. In addition we talked about everything that we had to do as soon as we got back and divided up the responsibilities (laundry, dishes, pets, homework, etc). For us it was a chance to conclude the vacation, enjoying the memories and getting ready to back to real life.

Normally I do that with my favorite travel buddy, who also just happens to be my soulmate. We spend the conclusion of the vacation together as we head home. It’s a time to go through pictures, get our heads wrapped around what needs to happen when we get home, and to start planning for our next adventure.

To be honest, I’ve kind of taken that time for granted. With that portion of our vacation removed it doesn’t quite feel right. It seems like there’s something unresolved that can only be fixed by the two of us going through it. This lack of time together at the end of vacation has me missing Becky more than normal.

Isn’t it funny that sometimes we don’t fully appreciate things until they’re gone? Had I not gone through this on this vacation I’d probably have missed it. One thing is for certain, I’m appreciative of the time we have together at the end of vacation and I’ll go out of my way to savor it even more in the future… starting with the time we spend together on Saturday… wrapping up this most recent vacation.



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