Day 433 – Thankful for Awesome Teams

Today was the first day back to work and something crazy happened after being gone on vacation for a couple of weeks…  There wasn’t a pile of stuff to get done from the previous weeks.  I didn’t feel a crush of pressure from everything that had built up while I was out.  I was able to jump into what I was working on before I left.  How great is that?  The reason this was possible was because of my awesome teams.  They often took it upon themselves to take on additional responsibilities while I was gone.

While I was on vacation I was able to shut off all work related stress.  With no stress from work on my brain I was able to be completely present in the moment with my family and in the experience.  It was fantastic!  Not to mention that I was able to think of new ideas and solutions for work thanks to my mind being clear.  All of this was because of the wonderful teammates I have who are passionate about what they do and are very successful at what they do.

A funny thing happened on Thursday morning while we were driving…  I realized that I missed working.  I was missing what I do, and, more importantly, I was missing who I did it with.  Don’t worry, I still had fun and enjoyed the day, but I was jones-ing to see my teammates again!  The reason for this is that they are awesome people who share common values.

Thank you to each and every single one of my teammates for being awesome!!!

Lee & CarolynIMG_7405IMG_0726



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