Day 432 – Thankful for Gavin’s Talk with Santa

Today’s been a pretty awesome day!  It feels great to be home again.  The day has been filled with checking off many tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, making lunches for the week, all the normal weekly stuff packed into a day.  Oddly enough, while typing that even sounds tiring, it was actually exhilarating in a different way!  It was a very productive day at home, and I am very thankful for that.  However, it was something else that really warmed me even more today.

Sometimes my best-est buddy can drive me totally bonkers, other times he makes me incredibly proud to be his dad.  Today was one of those days.

The Campbell Fire Department drives Santa around the island every year to give the kids a chance to come out, meet Santa, and talk with him.  It just so happened that today was the day of Santa’s trip through town.  Becky texted me the times last night and I’d almost forgotten about it until we heard some neighbor kids outside.  I quickly filled Gavin in and asked if he wanted to talk with Santa and he was in.


Once we got outside Gavin waited very politely and was the last kid to sit on Santa’s lap.  As he sat on Santa’s lap the big guy asked him what he wanted for Christmas.  “I don’t need anything for Christmas, I already got my present.”  Santa shot me a nervous look and then Gavin continued.  “I already got a vacation to New Zealand!”  He then proceeded to tell Santa about how he just got back yesterday.

It was awesome to hear him not only not ask for something else, but to have appreciated the trip so much – more than stuff.  For that quick comment that gave my heart the feels I’m very thankful.



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