Day 431 – Thankful for the Greatest Longest Day the Boys Have Had

The changing of timezones really messed with our brains today!  Technically, we started Saturday morning by waking up in Auckland and taking the detour I wrote about yesterday.  Based on the timing of our flight, we left Auckland at 3:30pm on Saturday and landed in San Francisco at 6:00am on Saturday…  Yup, today has been a 40+ hour marathon day for us.

Throughout the day we’ve had to pause and think about what we had for breakfast, lunch, and supper…  and then for breakfast, lunch, and supper again!  It’s been pretty ridiculous, two sunrises, two sunsets, and a lot of fun in between!


We’ve had time chilling on our own, enjoying a movie or game as each of us do the same.  We’ve had time playing games with each other (Exploding Kittens is AWESOME!!!).  We’ve had a lot of fun joking around and giving each other a hard time.  We’ve spent a good chunk of time talking about the highlights of our vacation time together.  Most importantly, we’ve had incredible bonding time as father and sons.

It’s been an incredibly long day, the longest the boys have ever had, but it’s been an epically great one…  One that will be burned into our brains forever and that I’ll always be thankful to have had.

Seeing this in the car while we headed home made my heart smile.  Mission accomplished!




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