Day 430 – Thankful for Sneaking In One Last Detour Before Departure

Becky dumped us to head off to Sydney to study and work for the week so it was just the boys and I packing up and prepping to head out today. Instead of chilling we decided to head out on one last detour… Mount Victoria in Auckland.

The reason I’m thankful for it isn’t for the view (which was pretty spectacular), rather the amount of fun we had getting there and the memories we made along the way.

Siri wasn’t super clear so we ended up getting turned around a couple of times in downtown Auckland which led to many laughs and giggles. Along the way we talked about memories of our trip and what we enjoyed most. Once we finally got to our destination the boys had to use the bathroom so badly that we only ended up staying for a couple of minutes – which was hysterical! The jokes were flying fast and furious as we feverishly drove towards the nearest place we had seen with a bathroom – McDonalds. Funny thing was that at one point there was a comment from Gavin that made us all laugh super hard and loud… and then it was dead silent as Dominic informed that he couldn’t laugh anymore without peeing… which made us all laugh louder!

The trip back was nice and calm, we told Siri to shut up and took my own route to the airport which worked out great! Again, most of our time was spent joking around and talking about the vacation.

Getting in one last chunk of memory making time was pretty awesome and is something that I’ll always be thankful for.



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