Today was the last day of vacation and we did it up in our style…  We hit an absolutely gorgeous beach – Cathedral Cove, NZ.  There was a mile and a half hike to get there, and it was worth every single step and then some.  Even the hike had great views!



Once we got there we spent time taking in the landscape, the weather and water carved giant rock formations jutting out everywhere in the ocean and on the beach.



After a while we all jumped in the ocean and enjoyed the waves.  They weren’t as big as the beach yesterday, but they were still lots of fun (and were less stressful for Dad).  There were nonstop laughs and smiles the entire time.


Becky and I chilled on the beach and soaked in sun while the boys played in the sand.  As we chilled they were digging, building, demolishing, and re-building.


One last set of waves we said goodbye to the ocean and started the hike back.


Tomorrow morning we start heading back on what will be the longest day of the boys’ lives – a 42 hour Saturday, December 2nd.  I can’t imagine a better way to wrap up one of the most epic vacations that we’ve ever had than by chilling by the ocean one last time…




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