Day 428 – Thankful for Another Day at the Ocean

Today was a heavy driving day, but in good cause… we were heading to the ocean (again). The destination today was Hot Water Beach, another geothermal wonder.

The interesting thing about this beach is that if you dig a deep hole in the sand it will fill up with hot water. How cool is that? Unfortunately, we found out that it’s really only like this within a couple hours of low tide… because of that I’m thinking it should be called Lukewarm Beach, but it was pretty cool regardless of the temperature.

The awesome thing was that the water temperature didn’t matter one bit… we were at the ocean again. There’s something so magical and calming about sitting on the beach, soaking in some sun, and listening to the sound of the waves. It’s one of the most peaceful moments on Earth.

While driving we stopped off for a quick stop and went wandering on the beach. At one point Becky, Gavin and I were walking the beach and we realized that Dominic wasn’t with us. As we looked back we saw him… just standing at the edge of the water staring into the horizon, totally in his happy place. It was so great seeing him finding joy in the same place as us like this.

The beach was a blast, chilling on the sand, jumping in the waves, and just enjoying the present. I’m so thankful for each of these moments I’ve had by the sea, it fills my soul with peace and joy.


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