Day 406 – Thankful for Slow But Steady Progress

Today was a great day with many of my Express cohorts.  We met in Rochester for our annual planning retreat and spent the day sharing ideas, helping each other learn form our past successes and failures, and finding ways to be more successful in 2018.  After the work portion was complete we had a excellent offsite event, playing laser tag and bowling.  It was a wonderful end to day of planning.

To wrap the night up I pulled out my laptop and started typing.  It’s been a week or two since I’d worked on my book, it felt wonderful to write again.  As I write about the experience of losing my dad it brings back some tough memories and emotions, but it always leaves me feeling better.  As the words form on my screen I feel a better understanding of the events, of myself, and life in general.  It hurts at times, but I always feel more joyful after typing.

Reflecting back on the day I can see the connection between the first two paragraphs.  Building our business takes steady progress, progress that often seems slow, but when I pause and look back on what we’ve created it’s pretty awesome!  As I write the book about losing Dad it’s taking longer than I would’ve hoped, but I know that as long as I keep working at it, piece by piece – slow, but steady – it will one day be complete…  and what an awesome feeling that will be!



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