Day 407 – Thankful for a Goofy Photo that Makes Me Smile

So much to be thankful for today, which do I go with?  The great night of sleep?  Becky having the flexibility to take Gavin to Urgent Care to take put a hole in the nail of a swollen finger?  The excellent day of planning with my work team?  The chance to reflect on a specific fault that I have to find ways to get batter at it?  The fantastic performance of a teammate presenting?  Seeing a huge red sunset?  A home cooked meal with my family?  A good conversation with my mom or a fun call with my little brother?  Yes, there was much to be thankful for today, and I am very grateful for each of those things.

All of those in my head, I’m blogging about a goofy photo that was from exactly three years ago today that makes me smile…  and, as usual, there’s more to the story…


This photo was taken while riding Expedition Everest in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The picture itself cracked me up when I saw it.  We had already been on it several times so I had an idea of where the camera was, but I had no idea that the expressions on the other riders’ faces would’ve been so priceless!  Every time I look at it I can’t help but smile.  There’s so much more to this pic though…

It reminds me of fun vacations with our boys.  This ride was so awesome and we had so many giggles riding it.  The boys were absolutely in love with this ride, they enjoyed the ride, the background story and displays, and the whole Everest and yeti theme.

When looking at it I remember to not take myself so seriously.  Life is short, have fun!  Work hard, bust butt, and make good decisions, but when it’s time to play, enjoy and play hard.  I hope the boys are learning that from watching Becky and I.  It’s how we choose to live our lives – it can be very crazy and busy at times, but it’s well worth it when we find ourselves on vacation or traveling somewhere and making great memories.

This pic also reminds me of the magic we experienced while at Disney, the moments that they created for us as their guests.  The band worn on our wrist that tracked which car we were in so it could take pics at the right time and then send them to us.  The way we would walk past things and they would know our names.  That magic was…  well, it was magical!  When I remember that magic I think of how can I bring that level of magic to what I do.  What can I do to go out of my way to provide a truly magical moment for someone?  When’s the last time I helped to create that magic for someone?

While the day was filled with many things to be grateful for (again, thanks to Becky for taking care of Gavin while I was out of town!), this goofy pic really reminded me of a lot today and gave me much to think about…  and, most importantly, it put a huge goofy smile on my face.



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