Day 405 – Thankful for Early Sun and the Canary in the Coal Mine

With our 2018 planning in full swing I headed in to the office pretty early this morning.  The cool part was that as I was driving up the Mississippi I was able to see the beginning of the sunrise in my rearview mirror.  Working in my office I didn’t even have to turn on a light, the sun was already brightening up the sky and it felt great!  Sure, I’m not a big fan of it being dark early, but there’s something pretty sweet about having extra sun to get me up and moving earlier in the morning.

(Image courtesy of the Museum of Cannock Chase. Copyright unknown.)

Interestingly enough, it was with those extra hours worked that a comment from my mentor, Norm, really hit me between the eyes this morning.  One of the awesome things about having Norm in my life is that he’s not afraid to call me out on things.  The way he started the coaching session this morning was by pointing out that he once in a while needs to be the canary in the coal mine for me and point out when something’s off a little bit.  Boy am I glad he did.

Something that’s been in the back of my mind for a little while was put into the forefront and it’s forced me to confront it.  Nothing crazy, terrible, drastic, or anything like that, but rather something that I’ve struggled with for a while and need to keep working on.  Once in a while it kind of sneaks up on me.  When he brought it up today I had it in the back of my mind in every conversation that I had afterwards and in many thoughts I had in moments of silence.

The sun woke me up and helped me get moving first thing in the morning, and the canary in the mine helped to remind me to slow down a little bit.  I am so thankful to have had both today!



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