Day 392 – Thankful for Little Reminders From the Universe that I’m Heading in the Right Direction

Sometimes I push myself and do things that are outside of my comfort zone.  Many times I feel a slight lack of confidence, I question myself, and am doing what I think is right, but realize could be wrong.  During these times I rely on my guiding values and purpose to point me in the right direction and trust that things will work out.

Today was one of those days in which I had a few opportunities to either take the comfortable route or push myself to be better and do what I thought was right.  In each of those occasions I pushed (maybe goaded on a little by my blog about Dominic yesterday or my Memento Mori post last week).  For whatever reason, I took action and am so glad that I did.

When I got home from a long but rewarding day of work I was greeted by this happy surprise…


As I read it I just smiled and beamed.  While the note inside wasn’t at all related to the actions of the day, much of the note came as a result of taking similar actions in the past.  The funny thing was that the person who wrote this was also someone who helped inspire me to push myself in some of those uncomfortable times.

It was a pretty awesome surprise, a little gift from the universe reminding me that I was on the right track.  For that reminder I am very thankful!


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