Day 391 – Thankful for Dominic Not Being Afraid to Try Something Different

This past spring Dominic surprised me a bit when he told me he had decided to do cross country instead of soccer in the fall.  Knowing how much he had enjoyed soccer I was pretty sure he would change his mind and go back to it before the season started.  He stuck with his initial thought and has enjoyed it ever since.

It’s easy to see that he’s enjoying it and having a great time in his new sport.  The smile on his face and the way he talks about it tell the whole story quickly.  He’s done well and continued to improve.  Tonight was the last meet of the year for him and I was glad to be there to watch him finish it.


When I was his age I was a little hesitant to try something new like switching sports.  Even through high school it wasn’t until my senior year that I changed up the sports that I played.  There was always a fear I had of trying something new and not doing well {not that I did exceedingly well in any of the sports I was already in 🙂 }.  My fear held me back then, and has held me back other times as well when I knew that I wanted to change but was afraid to do it.  Sure, there’ve been more and more times when I’ve taken the chance, but often that didn’t come until I was older.

To see Dominic willing to change things up and try something different at his age makes me smile.  It’s awesome to see that he can make a change, keep a growth mindset, and try new things to find what brings him the most joy.  I’m super proud of him and it inspires me to not back down from any fears of change that I may have.

Dominic Dude, you’ve inspired me yet again.  I still remember the conversation you and I had that moved me to trying out the Tough Mudder and getting over some of my fears to accomplish something that I wanted.  Thanks Stud – Love you tons!!!


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