Day 393 – Thankful for Trapping Weather

Today was a pretty awesome day.  So many wonderful things to be happy for.  Coaching, learning, listening, growing, thinking, and spending time with friends, new and old.  It’s been an awesome day all around.  That said, there’s a specific moment that really sticks out to me.

When we headed out for our early morning run it was fairly brisk outside – about 38, but felt like 34 or so.  As I normally do, I stopped and walked for a little bit while Becky ran to the normal turnaround point.  That couple of minutes of time alone in the dark feels good, it gives me the opportunity to pause and be alone for a moment in nature and the dark.

This morning as Becky and the girls ran ahead I started thinking about all of the things I have to be grateful for.  As I kept thinking and remembering all of those things something just hit me…  This was trapping weather.

To be clear – I know this is not a picture of me trapping with my dad.  I can’t seem to find any of those, but I figured this was pretty close and from about the same timeframe…  and it makes me smile seeing it 🙂

When I was younger I used to go trapping for mink and muskrat with my dad.  We’d head out early, well before dawn, and paddle the canoe around Solberg Lake checking his trap line.  The mornings were sometimes cold enough that we could see our breath.  At that time of the day there was no noise, no light except the moon, no one else awake, nothing disturbing the water except our canoe and our paddles.  Often times we wouldn’t even talk, we’d just enjoy the quiet and take in the beauty.  It was so peaceful and serene.  Nothing else in the world mattered, it was just us being present in the moment with nature.

I’m not sure why, but I still vividly remember putting our canoe in early on a Saturday morning, the morning after my first middle school dance.  The song Kokomo by the Beach Boys was stuck in my head.  We put the canoe in and started paddling in the cool fall air.  To be honest, I don’t even remember what, if anything, we caught that day, I just remember the feeling of enjoying being outside with my dad, paddling in a lake so still that the only movement was our wake, the only sound was our canoe moving through water.  It was awesome.

This morning felt like that same kind of morning, especially as we ran past the river in a relatively quiet and unlit area.  As Becky and the girls caught up back up to me I shared some of those memories with me.  I think she thought I was sad, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.  It felt great to think back on those memories, remember that feeling of being out in the quiet morning, spending time with Dad.  The memories made me smile, warmed me, and brought me joy.

When we were getting close to the end of our run Becky squealed with joy and pointed out a raccoon that was sitting on the side of the road watching us in the dark.  It didn’t move, it didn’t hiss…  It just watched us.  I smiled and immediately had memories of a raccoon that Dad had some fun with while trapping once, a story that I’ll never, ever forget.  Again I smiled at the memories.  How fortunate am i to have so many filed away in the back of my brain?

Today was awesome all around, but I’m most thankful for this cool and dark weather, trapping weather.  It may have been cold, but it warmed my soul.


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