Day 394 – Thankful for an Epic Day with So Much To Be Thankful For

Today was pretty damn awesome.  Seriously, from start to end there were so many things to be thankful for it was amazing!  Here’s a rundown of the awesomeness today:

  • The new franchisee and his teammate that are training in our office this week have been crushing it!!!  They’ve been so much fun to have in our office, we can’t wait to see them grow the Appleton office to one of Express’ greatest.
  • With a couple of weekends with my best friends looming and one of their birthday’s today the texts were hot and heavy all morning and it left me laughing out loud often.
  • Spending time with a couple of my teammates to just talk with them felt great.
  • We surprised one of our best recruiters with a $1,000 check that he had won through a referral contest with our team.
  • A teammate thanked me for some advice I offered up yesterday and had already taken action on it.
  • I wrote a thank you or two to some people that I’ve been meaning to thank for a while, it felt wonderful putting my thanks into writing for them.
  • In planning for 2018 I took some time to review where we’ve grown from over the past couple of years and it was staggering.  In one of the most important metrics I can point to as a business owner we had an increase of 249%!
  • A couple of times I felt a twinge of guilt knowing that I’ve been focusing more on work than I would normally like to, but then thought about the upcoming vacations we have planned and the time I’ll have with my family during those times, and I smiled and got right back to work.  Work hard, play hard…  and I have plans to play very hard!
  • While driving home from work I had an unexpected, but very uplifting, super deep existential conversation with my brother.  It was pretty awesome to trade thoughts and ideas, ad crazy to see how we both are connecting some of the same dots.  I’d give almost anything to have Dad back, but I’m thankful for all of the insights I’ve had since his passing.  It seems odd to say, but I am more joyful and happy thanks to those insights.
  • Cub scouts was a pretty cool experience.  As my den continues to get older I’m trying to get them to take on more and more responsibility.  Tonight they created, set up, and then led the other scouts through an obstacle course in the gym.  They all did a great job of cheering the other scouts on, of leading them, and keeping things running.  There were many times that I wanted to jump in, but I held back and it awesome to see just how much they’ve grown over the past year.  It was one of those proud moments that also reminds me to pull back and let people grow sometimes…  more than I have done over the past couple of years.

Now I’m snuggled up next to Becky as I type this.  Soon it’ll be bedtime, sleep, wake up early, repeat.  and I’m okay with this level of craziness.  Not only because I know that I only get one spin on this merry go round, but also because I get to have a seat on it next to my best friend!


Memento mori!


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