Day 383 – Thankful for a Day When Every Just Clicks

There are some days in which I sit down to blog and it takes a while to figure it out.  Over the course of the day there are so many things to be thankful for that being thankful for just one doesn’t quite seem right.  After a day like that I try to find the theme, the link from one to another, the common ground that most of them are founded on.  Sometimes there is a theme tying it all together, and sometimes there’s not.  Today is one of those days when it all fit…

Everything just clicked today.  From the moment I woke up until now as I blog, everything has fallen into place and gone pretty smooth.  It’s amazing to me that it’s gone as well as it has.  There’s been so much packed into this one day, and it all either went just as planned or at least really close.

Dominic had a couple of games to referee this morning so I woke up early (as Becky did the day before), let the dogs out, fed them, got some work done on my laptop, and got Dominic off to the soccer fields.  Once I got home I grabbed my computer and banged out the rest of what I needed to get done for work this weekend.  Gavin got up and read on the couch as I typed up emails, he kept good and quiet so Becky could sleep yet.  While he was quiet, it was also comforting to have him in the room with me, it just felt right.

After a while he headed out to the garage with me and helped me clean the car.  It was in desperate need of a deep clean and he did a great job of helping with whatever tasks I asked him to do (the deal was that he got to keep all the change that he found).  We had a goal, we got it done, and we had fun working together.

Dominic’s games were done early so Gavin rode with me to pick him up.  Once we got home there was a little more cleaning followed by an awesome lunch of chili that Becky made us – the perfect food for a cold dreary day like this.  Lunch as a family was peaceful and just seemed right.

Then we went back outside and Dominic cleaned the Pilot while I worked on my workshop.  Becky and I also wanted to sneak in a longer run today so I knew that I was a little under the gun to get done what I wanted to accomplish.  As I worked on that and Dominic cleaned we both listened to the Packer game (that was the only part of the day that didn’t really work out!).  Sometimes the carpentry gods look down and smile, other days they like to laugh…  Today they smiled and everything went great!  I got done exactly what I’d hoped to get done, and with about 10 minutes to spare before the time we wanted to head out for our run.


The half marathon last Sunday felt great, but I was nervous about what typically happens when I go back to not having something that I’m training for…  I slow down or stop running longer distances.  To fight that I talked with Becky about doing an 8 miler today.  The first couple of miles were rough!!!  As soon as we passed that two mile mark everything loosened back up and it started to feel great.  We took the dogs with on the first 6 miles and then traded them straight up for a Gavin on a bike and got the last couple of miles in.  It was awesome!

Once back home the time was just about perfect to shower up and get ready for dinner with a couple of friends who were in town to do some training for about 50 of our clients in Winona tomorrow.  We headed downtown, had a great meal, and even better conversation.  Being able to catch up over a meal was pretty sweet, a cool way to start to close up the night.

We left the restaurant, headed out to Kwik Trip for a treat for the boys, headed home and all snuggled on the couch to watch a pretty fantastic SNL short (Kellywise).  It was a great way to wrap up a wonderful family weekend.

Now the boys are downstairs trading Pokemon cards (no school tomorrow), Becky’s in bed, and I’m blogging on the couch.  Once I’m done I’ll work on my book for a little bit, put the boys to bed, and then off to bed for this guy.

As I look back at it, everything just clicked today.  It didn’t necessarily follow the script er se, but everything fell into place pretty well.  Adversity will come as it always does, but for now, I’m thankful for everything working out so awesome today!


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