LOL – I should’ve known that yesterday’s blog might have put a little jinx on today! As Becky and I were both in a hurry to get our work days started she found an unwelcome surprise in the garage… a car with a dead battery. I jumped in the seat to see if there was any other possibility, but it was dead. Sitting in thought and running through every possible scenario in my head, Becky stopped me and already had a plan to get us both where we needed to be and on time. We rolled with it, never looked back, and stayed upbeat. I’m so happy with how we can help each other go with the flow like that.

IMG_0971.jpg22449751_1847148815300652_6626800885292826976_n.jpgThis morning’s work started with picking up Marlene and Heather to head up for our Supervisory Forum this morning.  The views on the ride up were spectacular!  Between the leaves and the perfectly timed sunrise over the bluffs as we drove up the Mississippi River the Big Guy Upstairs couldn’t have made it any better!  After our event I had the opportunity to play tour guide in Winona for them.  I am so thankful to play the role of tour guide, it helps me remember to pause and enjoy all of the things we have in Winona.  Throw in being able to see their joy at seeing beautiful views and buildings and it was pretty awesome.

22490068_1846887721993428_6744556391918260623_n.jpgMy Winona team did an incredible job of setting up the event.  Not only did they have the logistics and details just dialed, but they had done a wonderful job in getting supervisors from many Winona area businesses to participate.  Thanks to their hard work the event went off seamlessly and I was super proud of them!


As we wrapped things up for the night I was thankful to see our boys having a great time helping each other out as they sorted out their beloved Pokemon cards.  There they were, chilling in Dominic’s room sorting the cardboard gold out and putting them into binders.  They giggled and smiled, and actually enjoyed the time with each other.  They usually get along pretty well, but in these moments I’m just so thankful that they get along as well as they do.

Another busy day is wrapping up, but as per usual there’s a lot to be thankful for.  Thank you again to Becky for rolling with it, to Marlene and Heather for allowing me to be a tour guide, to my Winona team for an awesome performance, and to my boys for enjoying their time together.


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